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Council drops sex education lessons fearing legal challenge

May 2020

Warwickshire County Council has ditched a highly inappropriate scheme of sex education lessons after lawyers warned of legal action.

The lessons were aimed at young children in primary school. They encouraged masturbation and included ‘gratuitously graphic’ sexual images but there was no reference to marriage.

Lawyers acting for The Christian Institute notified the council it would look to take legal action, backed by outraged local parents.

In a dramatic climbdown, Warwickshire County Council agreed to drop the All About Me programme from primary schools ‘with immediate effect’.

The programme made false claims about gender identity and encouraged schools to keep parents in the dark about their own children.

Local parents were quick to welcome the council’s u-turn. ‘This is not before time,’ said one. ‘My wife and I were deeply troubled by the explicit nature of some of the All About Me materials – and the ideology underpinning them.

‘We don’t want our children being taught about masturbation, explicit sexual content or experimental transgender ideas in school.’

The Christian Institute’s education officer, John Denning, welcomed the council’s climbdown. He said relationships and sex education must be taught in a balanced and objective way.

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