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Is the virus God’s judgement?

June 2020 | by Mike Judge

Is the coronavirus a judgement from God? Yes, every manifestation of the global curse is part of God’s judgement. Death and disease are all part of that. But is the virus definitely a specific judgement, to our specific nation, for its specific sins?

Surely the Bible warns us not to jump to conclusions about why tragedy and affliction may strike. Job was greatly afflicted, including by disease. His friends jumped to the conclusion that he was being punished for some secret and unconfessed sin. Yet the reality was very different.

On several occasions in the New Testament, Jesus warns us not to jump to conclusions about suffering. The man born blind, the group of Galileans that died, those who were killed at the Tower of Siloam — in each case Jesus says not to assume they are being singled out for their sins.

We mustn’t be hesitant or squeamish in talking about the judgement and wrath of God. Far too many evangelicals are, so much so that they never mention God’s anger against sin. Yes, we must always call people to repentance. But we must also take care before equating suffering with judgement.

Temporary changes to ET

You may have noticed this edition of ET is slightly reduced — 24 pages instead of 32. This is because we need to reduce the weight of the newspaper as it goes through the postal system. We are now mailing copies direct to over a thousand additional subscribers who would normally receive ET from their church agent.

This has increased our mailing costs. But instead of charging our subscribers, we have decided to bear the cost ourselves. We can bring that cost down to a sustainable level by reducing the number of pages in each edition. This is just a temporary measure until the coronavirus crisis has passed and church agents are once again up and running. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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