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Adoption agency legal action

June 2020

A Christian adoption and fostering agency which finds homes for children with complex needs has gone to court because officials have said its Christian ethos is discriminatory.

Ofsted — which is responsible for inspecting such agencies — downgraded the Cornerstone agency because it holds to a biblical view of marriage.

Supporters of the Cornerstone agency say Ofsted is trying to impose ‘muscular liberalism’ on a Christian agency.

Cornerstone’s barrister Aidan O’Neill QC said Ofsted had been ‘over-zealous’ and had ‘blundered in’. He accused it of ‘abusing its regulatory function’.

Mr O’Neill and said inspectors invented ‘hypothesised scenarios’ which didn’t really exist. They were created ‘so Cornerstone would fail the test’.

The judge, Mr Justice Julian Knowles, said the ‘very important, difficult, and complex case’ would ‘take some thinking about’. He will publish his ruling in due course.

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