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Manchester church marks 51st anniversary

June 2020

Walter Johnston
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On 5 January 1969 a group of 15 people made a covenant before God to form Droylsden Independent Church in a former Temperance Movement Hall in Tameside. Now 51 years on, the church celebrated the anniversary of this event. Walter Johnstone (Chorlton Evangelical Church) visited and preached a timely and well-received reminder of the true nature of the church as the holy bride of Christ.

The original members pledged to commit themselves ‘to Jesus Christ — to love, honour and serve him. Purposing to fulfil the will of God in fellowship by making disciples of Jesus Christ, by praying for one another, bearing each other’s burdens, sharing each other’s joys, welcoming the stranger, and caring for the young. Seeking to further the Kingdom of God at home and abroad by prayer and personal service.’

The wording of the original covenant also included: ‘This we solemnly pledge ourselves to do as an Independent Church; and with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth, the Lord being our Helper.’

While only two of the founding members are still surviving, the church continues to be a witness in the local area. Last year the church held several meetings to celebrate fifty years of God’s grace.

Many visitors came through the doors, some who had not been since childhood. It was a good opportunity to hear the gospel, renew fellowship, and make new connections which, God willing, we hope to carry into our work in the coming year.

By Rob Childs

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