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Legal action launched to end DIY abortions

July 2020

Andrea Williams SOURCE Christian Legal Centre
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Christian Concern has lodged papers to the Court of Appeal, seeking to put an end to do-it-yourself ‘home abortions’.

The Christian advocacy group is seeking to overturn a High Court decision in May not to review the government’s policy on allowing people to get abortion kits sent to their homes.

The group, among others, has been campaigning hard against the dangerous DIY abortion policy, which has already resulted in one known illegal abortion at 28 weeks.

The police are investigating the murder of the child, who was aborted four weeks after the legal cut-off limit in the UK for abortions and 18 weeks beyond the 10-week limit for the pills.

Women were controversially allowed to take the abortion pills at home rather than at a clinic because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Commercial abortionists the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which runs the home abortion service, said it would also look into the cases of eight other women who have taken the pills past the ten-week limit.

Catherine Robinson, a spokeswoman for Right to Life UK, said the tragedy showed that ‘telemedicine abortion services are endangering the lives of women and being used to illegally abort babies after our 24-week abortion time limit’.

Christian Concern is also urging people to write to their local MPs to encourage the government to reverse its DIY abortion policy, and has provided links on its website to help people find their MP.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said the government had already been forced to disclose correspondence leading to the controversial DIY abortion decision during the original High Court challenge.

The correspondence suggested the government ignored strong medical evidence that entirely at-home abortions put the mother at additional risk, and was therefore additionally misleading about the risks involved.

Ms Williams commented, ‘We need to get to the bottom of this; and this is why we are appealing. Parliamentarians and Ministers are elected to govern, not to be overruled by the abortion industry and its agents within the civil service.

‘The abortion industry has become a monster which the democratic government has no real power to stop. Something must be done about it.’

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