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Zoom conference addresses suffering and God’s glory

August 2020 | by Andy Young

Kevin DeYoung
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In May Gospel Reformation:UK hosted a free and lively online conference called Zoomutopia.

Thrown together in just a few weeks, the conference witnessed great preaching and teaching from Kevin DeYoung (Christ Covenant Church, North Carolina), Garry Williams (Director, Pastors’ Academy) and Jonty Rhodes (Christ Church Central, Leeds).

In their promotional videos GR:UK explained that they never intended to hold a conference.

Their aim is to promote all things Reformed, especially church planting. However, with conferences suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak, GR:UK were persuaded otherwise.

It turned out to scratch an itch: 375 households connected with the conference and 200 connected for the live Q&A session. Through the Facebook stream there were 8,212 reaches. It was broadcast using Zoom and live-streamed across various platforms.

Kevin DeYoung preached on Psalm 22 and Jonty Rhodes on Psalm 116. Both preachers dealt pastorally with the tough issues while coming back to the theme of God’s sovereignty and glory.

Garry Williams spoke on ‘Calvin, the suffering Reformer’. It was a moving case study showing how Calvin’s personal sufferings and tragedies shaped his doctrine and writings, and how his theology carried him through harrowing times.

All three speakers dealt with hard-hitting live questions very well. During each session there was a video ad for 10ofthose books, a summary of the church scene in the UK, and a video on a church plant in Burke (near Washington, D.C.).

Many asked when the next online conference will be. When church life and worship is truncated and people feel cooped up, Zoomutopia provided some manna in a dry place, connecting Christians far and wide.

The video & audio of each session are available from

Andy Young

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