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Memory verse rally

August 2020 | by Stephen A. Toms

The Essex Protestant Council has for many years arranged an annual Memory Verse Rally, aimed at fostering a love and knowledge of the Bible among young people. The venue is usually in Essex, but Sunday schools from neighbouring counties take part.

Due to the growing coronavirus pandemic, fewer children than normal attended this year. Nonetheless, several gathered in mid-March for the event at Rehoboth Strict Baptist Chapel in Sible Hedingham.

Children from a range of churches recited Scripture. The chosen passage for memorisation was Luke 4:16-21, in which the Lord Jesus Christ reads from Isaiah in the Nazareth synagogue, announcing that the prophecy is coming to fulfilment.

The Authorised Version is preferred by the organisers, and it proves well-suited to memorisation. The high standard of accuracy in the recitations was retained this year.

Mr John Thackway, minister at Holywell Evangelical Church in North Wales, then addressed the gathering. He spoke of three books: the Book of the Living, the Book of Remembrance, and the Lamb’s Book of Life.

He reminded us that the God who knows everything about us has a record of those who are truly his. He also stressed the importance to each one of us of having our name in The Book of Life.

At the close, prizes were awarded to all who had recited verses. Children from other Sunday schools would be welcome to take part at this annual event next year.

Stephen A. Toms