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Truth in Science Summer School online

November 2020 | by Kate Lim

The second annual Truth in Science (TiS) Summer School was held online in early September. The conference attracted 67 registrants (including 55 students) – a marked increase from 30 delegates last year.

TiS aims to give university students a foundation enabling them to stand firm for biblical truth in the face of anti-Christian sentiments they may encounter. In the relatively protective bubble of a home church, students may not have encountered individuals who challenge their faith. During the conference, a pertinent session on coping with ethical and personal pressures as a believer was given by Dr Liz Jones.

TiS is also concerned that biblical creation is increasingly downplayed to a figurative or symbolic status within Christian circles. Indeed, creation remains a major issue given the number of questions raised on the topic throughout the conference.

Over the two days, sessions covered issues including the divine authorship of Scripture, human identity, and the age of the Earth. Additionally, the conference included a testimony on the challenges in the social sciences from a second-year student called Hannah.

There were smaller, specialised discussions during break-out sessions. These were hosted by experts in the fields of biology, biochemistry, education, geology, and theology. The Christian scientists at TiS presented scientific evidence of biblical teaching, showing that science and faith may not only coexist but are complementary.

The delegates expressed appreciation of the event and their feedback was positive. The main talks are available on the TiS website ( Another TiS summer school is planned for 3-4 September 2021 at Quinta Hall in Oswestry.

Dr Kate Lim

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