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Bible Spreading Union’s 126th annual meeting

November 2020 | by Stephen A. Toms

Marcus Burgess, R. G. Wells, F. M. J. Raynsford, David Butler, Stephen Toms, Martin Humphrey
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The 126th annual meeting of the Bible Spreading Union was held in September at Bexley Strict Baptist Chapel, Kent.

The preacher was Mr F. M. J. Raynsford who helpfully spoke from Genesis 3, emphasising the literal truth of the Bible’s opening chapters.

Genesis 3 documents the entrance of sin into a perfect creation through Adam’s rebellion against God’s clear command. Mr Raynsford pointed out that man’s troubles flow from his rejection of God and his Word, and that there was a great need for the new birth.

Secretary of the Union, Mr Stephen Toms, reported on recent work. We are a small society but spreading the Word of God is a great work. It began 126 years ago in August 1894, when Mr Ebenezer Allen Toms attended a Protestant meeting in East London which was interrupted by Romanists. He knew such persons were in spiritual darkness and was convinced that the best way to dispel such darkness was to spread the light.

Two verses came into his mind: ‘Let there be light’ and ‘The entrance of thy words giveth light’. Sharing his thoughts with others, plans were made to reach the lost through distribution of God’s Word.

Over the last 126 years, many copies of the Bible have been distributed and during the past year 1,579 Bibles have been given away. Distribution has extended to nations including Cameroon, India, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the Republic of Ireland.

Stephen A Toms

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