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Titanic letter by Baptist minister sells at auction

January 2021

John Harper, his daughter Annie Jessie (who survived the Titanic disaster) and Annie’s cousin, Jessie Leitch.
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A letter written by a ‘hero’ Baptist minister who died in the 1912 sinking of the Titanic has been auctioned off for £42,000.

Revd John Harper penned the two-page note while travelling on the ship, just four days before it struck an iceberg and sank.

Harper was later revealed to have acted heroically in his final moments, giving his lifejacket to another passenger and leading prayers as the ship plunged into the waters of the mid-Atlantic.

The 39-year-old minister was offered a place on a lifeboat, but he opted to stay on board and share the gospel to other passengers as the waters flooded the ship.