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Advertising in ET

Classified Adverts

Up to 20 words (min. charge) £11.50 (£13.80 VAT inc.)

Each additional word 56p (67p VAT inc.)

Box number £5.00 (£6.00 VAT inc)

10 per cent discount on booking 6 or more entries within a 12-month period.

Adverts from charities will not normally be liable for VAT. Most other advertisers should use the VAT inc. figures.

For further clarification please contact the ET office.

All classified advertisements must reach us by the 1st of the month preceding the issue for which they are submitted.

Please download the form below:

Download as PDF
Download as RTF

Advertisers are assured of good visual display. Editorial policy limits the amount of advertising in relation to the paper’s content to maintain a pleasing visual balance. This ensures that each individual advert can retain its impact.

Advertising rates offer excellent and competitive cost/readership value.

Evangelical Times seeks to promote ‘conservative and evangelical’ Christianity. To that end, advertisements of events and services which are in opposition to that aim cannot be accepted.

While seeking to appeal to as wide a readership as possible, Evangelical Times will not be used as a medium for the promotion of ecumenical involvement, the charismatic movement or liberal theology.

We cannot guarantee advertising space, due to the pressure on our columns. Evangelical Times reserves the right to decline advertisements entirely at its own discretion.

Display Rates

Please do not send money with your order. We will invoice.

Rates for standard sizes are illustrated above under the heading “OTHER ADVERTS”. All other sizes are £11.50 per single column centimetre. The rates quoted do not include VAT. Charities (whether Registered or not) are not liable to pay VAT on advertisements, so advertisers should make it clear whether or not they are charities. If you do not notify us of charitable status, we have to add VAT (20% from 4 January 2011) to the rates given on this card.


FREE SERVICE on all hardcopy display advertisements of a 1/4 page or less. Over 1/4 page, a surcharge of 10% will be added to all advertisements not sent in electronic format.

Series Discounts

Applies only to bookings made at one time in any twelve month period.
Four bookings: 7.5%
Eight bookings: 15%
Twelve bookings: 20%
Discount for Registered or Excepted charities: 5%

Web advertising

The image files should be provided as jpg or png at 72dpi. Please supply the URL of the page you want the advert to link to.

Evangelical Times homepage sidebar– size 300 x 600px (

Evangelical Times homepage footer and Churches search page header– size 728px x 90px ( or

Homepage sidebar advert

Homepage sidebar advert

Footer Advert on the homepage













Churches search page advert


Adverts are charged at £75 per 5000 impressions.

Email Newsletter advertising

Adverts are available for the monthly email newsletter for £100/month. These can be text only, text with a small image or an image only. For a single image the size must be 580px wide with a maximum height of 250px.

The email newsletter is sent to 1200 email addresses with around a 60% open rate and a 20% click rate.

Artwork for the web and the newsletter

We are happy to use images that you provide as long as they are of the correct dimensions and are 72dpi

Artwork can be produced for the website and email newsletter at the following rates:

A single image for any of the sizes above will cost £50.

A 3-frame gif image (this will show 3 different images in succession on a single webpage) for any of the 3 locations above will cost £100.

An example 2-frame gif advert


Reductions for combined hardcopy and website advertising

We offer a 50% discount for any website or email newsletter advertising that is taken in conjunction with hardcopy advertising.


£95.00 per 1,000 (up to max. weight of 10 grams)

Solus Display

15% extra.