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All articles by Andrew Binns

An elder at Grace Baptist Church, Halifax.


July 2021

By all possible means to save some

Historically, two of the most common approaches to gospel outreach across a wide variety of Bible-believing evangelical churches have been door-to-door calling and street evangelism – sometimes alongside open-air preaching. This has brought churches into contact with people from many different backgrounds and ethnicities, rich and poor, religious and non-religious, asylum seekers, and those…

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May 2017
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Conference – Connected

After running for 28 years as the ‘North of England church officers’ conference’, we met at Dewsbury Evangelical Church on Saturday 4 March, under a new name — ‘Connected’ —  with the strap-line, ‘Serving together in the local church’. The Friday evening session of previous years was cut to accommodate busy schedules. This, and…

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