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All articles by Ben Fiddian

Ben is currently serving as assistant pastor at Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Newport.


November 2017
Articles > Historical

It was 50 years ago

The Beatles rose to the heights of fame and fortune with an image of youthful naivety and charm, but it came at a cost. When private remarks by John Lennon were taken as self-aggrandising blasphemy in the USA (Lennon denied this was his intention), church youth groups rallied at concert venues to burn Beatles…

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Trusting the Lord


November 2008
News > Youth Features

Trusting the Lord

Trusting the Lord There are some Christians who stand out from the crowd. For example, there are 'heroes of the faith' like George Müller and Hudson Taylor whom we admire. They had a faith which moved mountainous obstacles by prayer and their life stories are inspirational for us. The rest of us, it seems, just think…

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