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Christopher Idle was ordained in 1965, serving Church of England parishes at Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria; Peckham, South East London;
Poplar and Limehouse, East London; and North Hartismere, Suffolk, which comprised seven villages.
He was member of the editorial groups for Psalm Praise, London 1973; Hymns for Today’s Church, London 1982; Anglican Praise, Oxford 1987; Sing Glory, Stowmarket 1999; and Praise!, Darlington 2000.
His own hymn texts to date were collected in Light upon the River, London and Carol Stream, Illinois. 1998.
Other publications include The Lion Book of Favourite Hymns, 1980; Hymns in Today’s Language?, 1982; The Journals of John Wesley (abridged), 1986;
Christmas Carols and their Stories, 1988; What shall we sing?1996; The Word we preach, the words we sing, 1998; Real Hymns, Real Hymn Books, 2000.
He has contributed to some twenty other books including those on evangelism, inner-city church life, and prayer and poetry collections.
He edited the quarterly ‘News of Hymnody’ in two spells totalling ten years, and (briefly) the Bulletin of the Hymn Society.

News – Edith Margaret Clarkson (1915-2008)


September 2008

News – Edith Margaret Clarkson (1915-2008)

Edith Margaret Clarkson (1915-2008) Margaret Clarkson, whose rarely-used first name is Edith, was born in 1915 into, as Margaret herself described, 'a loveless and unhappy marriage', which broke up when she was 12.     In 1946, C. Stacey Woods asked Margaret Clarkson, then in Toronto, to write a hymn. Recently turned 30, Margaret was a primary…

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