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All articles by Josiane Collard

Josiane lives in Ripon.


December 2015

‘I started to read my Bible again’

It wasn’t until I was studying for my A-levels that the faith I’d had as a young child was really tested, and I started to question what I had believed for so long. I took Religious Studies in philosophy and ethics. Faced with so many new ideas and theories about the world and its…

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May 2013
News > Youth Features

‘There’s nowhere as dangerous as the mission field!’

In 2007, Barry Davis and his wife Susana set up a primary school in Dolores, Nicaragua. Carazo Christian Academy (CCA) started with four pupils and by the end of the year it had grown to 16. They advertised the school in that first year only, and now it has over 100 pupils. I had…

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