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January 2019
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GUEST COLUMN: Healthy Christianity: Fellowship with God in the Whole of Life

Last month we began considering the whole issue of balance in the Christian life. We are called to love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and strength and mind. This means that the truth of God’s Word, under the blessing of God’s Spirit, needs to be grasped by the mind, ascend to the heart, and be worked out in the life. This is true Christianity, and Christian growth is merely this process happening more deeply, and affecting and transforming us more profoundly. William Williams, Pantycelyn (1717-91), shortly before his death, identified the three parts of true Christianity as follows: ‘first true...

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December 2018
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Healthy Christianity

Christianity is to affect the whole of life, and one of the great dangers Christians face is that of imbalance. They must always be on the lookout not to overemphasise some things and underemphasise others. Church history teaches us that imbalances not corrected can lead Christians away from the faith altogether. If Christianity is predominantly in our heads (intellectual understanding of the faith), with little emphasis on the heart (what we experience and feel) or hands (how we live from day to day), then we are in danger of a dry or dead orthodoxy. Balance If we overemphasise experience and feeling, it can lead to...

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