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All articles by Paul Yeulett

Paul was born in Cambridgeshire and studied maths at university in Newcastle, where he became a Christian in his second year.
Sensing a call to the ministry, Paul first taught for a number of years at a Christian school in Gateshead before moving to Shrewsbury
Evangelical Church, where he became minister in 2007. In September 2014 Paul was inducted as Minister at Grove Chapel.


August 2020
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

Who has ultimate authority over the church? A debate we need to have

Covid-19 is more than the outbreak of a virus, more than a public health crisis, more even than a global pandemic. Its effects extend far beyond the realms of medicine; it has come and shaken the whole world radically, perhaps like nothing has since 1945. Covid-19 is a powerful catalyst which has accelerated momentous…

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October 2019
Articles > Historical

200 years of Grove Chapel

This year marks the bicentenary of Grove Chapel in Camberwell, an historic independent and non-conformist congregation in which, by God’s grace, the gospel has been faithfully preached throughout its history. It all began with the conversion of a young man from Hertfordshire called Joseph Irons (1785-1852), who very soon experienced a desire to preach…

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January 2017

Gender issues – Transgender Conference

This conference for pastors and other Christian workers was held on Tuesday 22 November 2016, at London Seminary. Several years ago, a Christian conference in the UK with such a title might never have been envisaged, but the issue of transgender has snowballed significantly, and Christians everywhere need to sit up and take note of…

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July 2016

Dr Enid Parker (1920-2016)

On 8 April 2016, Dr Enid Parker, known as ‘Asamolta’ or the ‘Red lioness’ to the Afar people of East Africa, went to be with the Lord she had served so passionately, for so many years. Born in Edenfield in Lancashire in 1920, her childhood was a sad one. Her father’s health was ruined…

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