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All articles by Tim Wills

A former lawyer and present pastor at Grace Church Wellington, Shropshire.

Professor McIntosh speaking to people seated at conference 2021


February 2022

Education conference hears Christian perspectives on environmental issues

While Covid has dominated public life in recent times, an increasing return to ‘normality’ has meant reemergence of discussions around the environment. At the National Conference of Christian Values in Education, held towards the end of last year, Professor Andy McIntosh (Truth in Science) spoke on ‘A biblical understanding of the environment’. He offered…

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July 2021

I am a Christian

In Esther 3, we read of the rise of Haman, whose newly-obtained lofty position grants him the favour of the king to such a degree that he is to receive not only bowing, but also reverence from the members of the palace. His pride is wounded by Mordecai, who will neither bow nor reverence…

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