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David Magowan was born in Jamaica to missionary parents, but spent most of his childhood in Northern Ireland. After graduating from Cambridge University in 1984 he worked as an airport civil engineer for a consultancy firm in Basingstoke. Following theological study at Westminster Seminary California, David was called in 2001 as pastor of Whitby Evangelical Church, and moved from there to Carey in September 2009. David is married to Elinor and they have two daughters, Angharad and Dilys.

Three crosses, two thieves, one Saviour


April 2004
Articles > Biblical/theological

Three crosses, two thieves, one Saviour

The two thieves were similar in many ways. Both were convicted robbers, perhaps even murderers; each was physically as close to Jesus as the other; both were witnesses to the suffering of Jesus; and both called on Jesus to save them.Initially, both thieves mocked and taunted Jesus (Matthew 27:44; Mark 15:32). One spoke abruptly…

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