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All articles by Gary Clayton

Gary is copywriter and editor at Missionary Aviation Fellowship.


December 2017
Articles > Evangelistic

The danger of the manger

Gary Clayton examines some of the supposed ‘magic’ of Christmas. A friend once produced a thought-provoking Christmas card that showed an illustration of the traditional Christmas tree decked in tinsel and baubles, with presents down below. This was then followed by an image of a mighty wind stripping the tree of its trappings and…

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August 2017
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Teach us how not to pray

‘But He has to do it; it says so in His Word!’ I’m pretty sure it was the worst prayer meeting I’ve ever attended! A friend had mentioned how people in the flat above were making life intolerable with their door-slamming, aggressive language and loud music. At the end of her tether, she needed…

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April 2017
News > Youth Features

Saints and sinners

On Sunday, 8 January 1956, five young missionaries gave their lives in an attempt at sharing the gospel with a tribe renowned for its ferocity. Earlier in 2017, the grandson of one of the martyrs toured the UK along with performances from 4Front Theatre. Their show, Reckless Abandon, runs throughout 2017 and tells the…

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