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All articles by Peter Jeffery

Peter was ordained to the ministry in 1963 at age 25 and served as the Minister at Ebenezer Congregational Church in Cwmbran, Wales. In 1972 he accepted a call to Rugby Evangelical Free Church where he ministered until 1986. In 1986 Peter went to Bethlehem Evangelical Church. There he ministered faithfully until 1994. After that, Peter had an itinerant ministry of preaching and evangelism allowing him to preach at churches and conferences in Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Spain, and the U.S.A.
He passed away in August 2017


December 2000
Articles > Evangelistic

Good news

The gospel is the good news of what God has done for guilty sinners in and through the Lord Jesus Christ The gospel is good news in contrast to the awful predicament we are in because of our sin. Sin is the breaking of God's law, and we are all guilty of it. 'All…

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September 2000
Articles > Biblical/theological

Believers need the gospel

Paul had never been to the city of Colosse. He had never preached to the church there, never prayed with those Christians, and never sat down with them and fellowshipped in the things of God. Yet when he heard of a difficulty that was causing problems in the church at Colosse, he was deeply…

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