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Call to curb pornography in wake of the conviction of Sarah Everard’s murderer

November 2021 | by Aaron Johnson

More must be done to limit access to violent pornography in the wake of the Sarah Everard murder, Christian group CARE says.

Wayne Couzens, the disgraced ex-police officer who kidnapped, raped, and murdered Sarah Everard, viewed ‘brutal pornography’ in the years before he committed his crimes.

CARE campaigned successfully for legislation to curb porn sites and restrict access by children. However, the measures were scrapped by the UK government in 2019.

A CARE spokesperson said, ‘The case of Wayne Couzens is an unspeakably awful example of what porn obsession can lead to – brutal sexual violence in the offline world.

‘Couzens enacted what he had seen dramatized on screen in videos that are easily accessible to any person with the click of a button.

‘If we want to avoid more “Couzens” in the years ahead, the government must stop men accessing content online that glorifies rape and violence.’

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