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Begging the question

November 2019

At Ligonier Ministries’ London conference Alistair Begg said many people say they believe in the Bible, but it’s when the Bible confronts the culture of the day that you find out what people really believe. How right he is. And it begs the question – if you’ll pardon the pun – what do you believe?

That question becomes even more acute when our children are thrown into the eye of the storm. Christian parents throughout Britain owe a debt of gratitude to Matthew and Naomi Seymour for the stand they have taken against their school’s sex education programme.

Following their interview published in September’s ET, their story has been picked up by the national press. The Seymours have handled themselves with great dignity, fortitude, clarity and courage. It’s not easy to put yourself in the media spotlight and confront the culture, especially when it involves your own children, but they have highlighted an issue which all parents need to face up to.

In his own way, Dr David Mackereth has also made a principled stand for his biblical beliefs in the face of the prevailing culture. Whatever the particulars of his specific case, it is shocking that an employment tribunal has ruled that his belief in Genesis 1:27 is ‘incompatible with human dignity’.

These are some of the areas where we are evangelical Christians are feeling the squeeze. And this is where we find out whether people really believe the Bible. Evangelicals are facing these issues in their workplaces, in their families, and in their children’s schools. Are we going to be shaped by God’s Word or by the culture?

But there are other ways to test our commitment to biblical truth. Stephen Rees asks us whether we truly long for the return of Christ. Our culture laughs at such an idea. Wacky and unbiblical theories of the second coming certainly haven’t helped. But if we truly believe the Bible – and if we truly love the Lord – we should be eagerly awaiting his return.

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