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COMMENT: New year, new design, new editor, but some things must never change

January 2019 | by Mike Judge

It’s a new year, and we have a new design for ET — we hope you like it  — and myself, Mike Judge, as the new editor at the helm. But there are some things that never change. God never changes, the gospel never changes, and our commitment to the Reformed Evangelical faith will, God willing, never change.

It’s only since I have sat in the editor’s seat that I have truly appreciated all the hard work that Roger Fay has done over the years. So, let me put on record my admiration for his many years of faithful service to this paper, and my personal thanks for his generous support and help to me as I transition into this role.

My agenda is clear. We will continue to be a voice for the Reformed Evangelical faith, especially in the non-conformist churches. As I see it, there are two great dangers to us as evangelicals, one external and one internal.

The external threat, at least in the short term, comes from secular humanism which seeks to marginalise us and erode our gospel freedoms. The impact in education, employment, business, and the media is there for all to see.

In the longer term, the external threat may come from other sources. The growth of radical Islam in western Europe is alarming, and liberal elites have been hopeless in tackling it. Whilst we seek to reach out with the gospel to Muslims, we must also have our eyes open to the threat of radical Islam.

But there is an internal danger coming from within modern evangelicalism. There is a tendency to thoughtlessly adopt many of our culture’s values and trends. Churches are using strategies and schemes to cuddle up to the culture in a vain attempt to achieve visible growth at the expense of actual spiritual growth. In short, we are losing our gospel distinctiveness.

This newspaper will not be afraid to speak out on these tough issues. Of course, we will also have our usual content of warm devotional features, and book reviews, reports from conferences, and letters from readers. More than ever, we need your prayers and support, so please encourage your friends to take out a subscription.

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