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ET COMMENT – The importance of the unimportant

August 2010 | by John Keddie



The importance of the unimportant



What is important in our society? In our superficial age, things readily get turned on their heads. In general, things relating to the church are not thought to be important.

     People tend to take it or leave it when it comes to attending church or any other special church events. Even among those who are thankfully still inclined to attend church, it is a question whether the church, and particularly Christ and his cause, are the real focus of their lives as the most important aspect of their lives under the sun. Who thinks that way these days?

     In terms of what is thought to be really important today, we needn’t look farther than the sports fields. We become saturated with World Cup football with so much time on the TV screens taken up with game after game. It’s not that this is unlawful before God (except on the Lord’s Day!). But is it really so important in the wider and higher scheme of things?

     The place given to Wimbledon and other ‘global’ sports events are other cases in point. Sport can produce great athleticism and skill; it can give a lot of pleasure and joy. But really in the end of the day it is all a triviality.


Which life?


In our superficial age, the focus is predominantly on this life here and now, to exclusion of the next. Sport for one seems to be raised to the status of a new sort of religion. But is it really so important?

     There are many things in this world, including sports, in which there is much enjoyment, and also physical fitness to be gained. However, it does nothing for our souls or our place in the world to come. And after all, ‘we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ’ (2 Corinthians 5:10).

     The most important aspect of our lives relates to our never-dying souls and where we are going to spend eternity when we come to leave this fallen world behind.

     These days, sports, and concerts, and other passing worldly interests, are elevated in importance and the church and its message and Lord are effectively trivialised. It ought to be the other way round!

     For the most important thing in life is being saved by Jesus Christ and having what he has appointed as the focal point of life. Nothing is more important than that for anyone in this world.

John W. Keddie


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