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Recording those who have gone to be with the Lord

May 2020 | by Mike Judge

In these days of a pandemic, ET believes it would be helpful provide a place in future editions of this paper for people to record those believers who have gone to be with the Lord. Those who are well-known may have a tribute in ET, but most will not be noticed outside of their own church and family. They may have past friends from years gone by who would appreciate knowing of their passing.

Therefore, ET will provide an ‘Announcements’ service – free of charge – to our readers. These announcements will be published alongside the classified section of the paper. Using 40 or fewer words, please email the announcement to:
[email protected] or visit our website at:

And if you have some cheerful news to announce – a birth, a marriage, or an engagement – please feel free to use our free service for that too. If the announcements section proves useful to our readers, it may become a regular feature.

Encourage your isolated pastor

He’s unlikely to be a professional webcaster. He may not have a high-definition webcam or the perfect lighting. The sound quality may be poor. Maybe he is a bit clumsy and self-conscious in front of a video camera. But your pastor is trying his best to lead you in worship and feed you from the word in less than ideal circumstances.

It’s hard enough in ordinary times to preach. But at least he can see all your faces from the pulpit. He gets visual feedback from the congregation, and he knows whether or not his sermon is landing with people. But when he’s alone in his study preaching only to a webcam, all that is gone. He may feel flat and wonder whether anyone was helped, or encouraged, or challenged by the word.

So tell him. Tell him if his ministry is useful and thank him for his labours. He’s isolated too, and he needs your support. And whatever you do, don’t go browsing the web to fine a slickly produced webcast from a high-profile church which has a team of media professionals behind it. Don’t compare it to your pastor’s efforts. ‘Respect those who labour among you’ (Thess. 5:2).

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