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Society only has itself to blame for sexualising our children

April 2019

The government’s rationale for making ‘relationships’ education compulsory in all schools from September 2020 is that children are bombarded with sexual information and they need help to navigate these difficult issues.

Well whose fault is that? Successive governments have continuously side-lined parents and dismantled the family. Divorce reform and the legalisation of abortion in the 60s got the ball rolling.

Other social institutions accelerated the trend. The media constantly push the myth of consequence-free recreational sex. And radicals within the education system have long seen ‘sex education’ as a vehicle for pushing their agenda.

Whenever parents raise concerns they are pilloried as backward and out of touch. No wonder there have been petitions from parents attracting more than 112,000 signatures, and protests outside parliament, and demonstrations outside schools.

Yet the ‘sex and relationships’ bandwagon rolls on, as if more of the same is the solution to children’s needs. Children are being targeted at ever younger ages. Why? Because the sex education zealots can’t accept their approach isn’t working.

Evangelical parents will have real questions to face. They will have a right to request to withdraw their child from lessons. But only for the ‘sex’ aspects, not the ‘relationships’ aspects; and only up to the age of 15, not 18 as it is currently. And the final decision over whether a child may be withdrawn from sex lessons will rest with the headteacher.

Evangelical teachers will also be in a difficult spot. What if they are forced to teach these lessons? What if they are forced to teach that LGBT relationships must be ‘respected’?

Schools with an Evangelical ethos will also face pressures. Ofsted have made their prejudice clear. They favour a ‘progressive secular’ approach, they are suspicious of schools with conservative religious beliefs, and have been prepared to act accordingly.

And evangelical pastors will need to know how to advise members of their churches on all these tricky issues.

It is worth reminding ourselves that the law – on the face of it at least – gives important rights and protections to defend religion and belief. These apply to parents and to schools. So, we must not roll over just because officialdom ‘insists’ we must do this or that.

But the bottom line is, society has sown the seed of sexualising the culture. And now it is reaping the whirlwind.

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