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Britain’s moral mess

May 2017

The wrath of God against sin results not only in occasional catastrophic punishments, but sometimes in unrepentant communities being given over to vile and outrageous immoralities.

The widespread push in the UK for ‘gender-fluidity’ exemplifies the latter type of judgment. It is a sign, if ever we needed it, of God’s displeasure with our nation for its atheism and contempt for the gospel.

A freedom of information request from the Christian Institute has now revealed that, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as many as 11.5 per cent of BBC bosses and 10.6 per cent of BBC staff are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual, even though only 1.7 per cent of the UK population are that way.

In other words, the percentage of LGBT people at the BBC is six times higher than the population!

Banks and universities

But today our moral mess is not just displayed in broadcasting; it is even in our banking industry. In 2016, independent Metro bank introduced the ‘Mx’ prefix for customers. Recently, none other than LGBT spokesman Peter Tatchell criticised banking giant HSBC for introducing ten gender-neutral terms into its vocabulary, telling them it will not lead to a better banking experience for transsexuals, but ‘confusion, misunderstanding, ridicule and backlash’.

Then there are the universities. According to The Times, students in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Hull have been told that, if they do not use gender-sensitive language, they will be marked down. A senior lecturer in religion there is reported as saying, ‘Should any student use language which is not deemed gender-neutral, they will be offered feedback as to why. Deduction of marks is taken on a case-by-case basis’.

In 2014, Facebook trialled the possibility of its users choosing from more than 50 gender options, including ‘gender fluid’ and ‘two-spirit’ in selecting their gender.

The debate goes further than the changing of prefixes. The (legitimate) drive to challenge bullying and hatred has changed into a drive to promote the gender agenda above all other needs. And yet the actual number of those registering as transgender is tiny. Currently, the number of people who have registered to change their legal birth sex is only 0.007 percent of the UK population — 4,500 in total (ONS).

A transsexual person only needs to live in the assumed gender for two years and be medically diagnosed with gender dysphoria to legally change gender. Yet Tara Stone, a representative of Stonewall, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that transgender people should be able to ‘self-declare’ gender, without having to wait for official medical diagnosis.

Children threatened

Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, says of this proposed self-declaration: ‘This has alarming implications for schools; it will plunge young people into fear and confusion. Permitting self-declaration of your sex would also be alarming for adults as they use public lavatories and changing facilities. In places where this policy has been tried out, it has led to instances of sex crime, as men gain access to women’s facilities by posing as a transsexual’.

There is an obvious insanity to sin, as well as a clear exposure to punishment by a holy God. Surely the gospel of Jesus Christ is now more than ever needed by our nation! Nothing else will do; ‘for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes’ (Romans 1:16).  

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