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Anne-Michelle Nova

December 2011

I now realise that I had trusting faith in God as a child. I felt safe, knowing he was with me. I attended Sunday school and was christened at an Anglican church. My family attended this church with me. I would come back singing the Sunday school songs, like ‘This little light of mine’ and ‘If I was a butterfly’. I consciously knew the Lord as a teenager. I would pray every night, sometimes during the day, and felt that my relationship was strong with God. I trusted in him wholeheartedly.

When I was seven, my father left our family home and my mum and other family members decided not to go to the church for their own reasons. Although this may have stopped me, I can remember getting ready on a Sunday morning to go to church and my mum saying, ‘Where are you going?’ I just innocently said at the time, ‘I am going to church, Mummy’. Thankfully, she never stopped me.

When I was eight, I started to attend a children’s Christian club at the evangelical church that I attend now. I progressed up though its various clubs, each geared to the age of the child. All of them had a fantastic Bible study, hymns and prayers. These activities were their backbone. We were privileged to have Christian teachers who would give their time in explaining the many questions we had. This strengthened my faith through the good teaching that I gained.

I felt ready to start attending services there every Sunday. The church was very plain in comparison to the services I had attended before in my old church. I recognised that this helped me focus more on the message. When 15, I drifted away from the church. I started to attend other churches, but was not as filled with the gospel as I was at the evangelical church. I had questions that the new church skimmed over. That church did not quench my thirst for the Bible and give the clarification that I needed as a Christian. To be honest, I had always been a bit lazy and would not do much reading on my own. I sought the Lord by attending church, but did not want to do much ‘homework’ myself. I was naïve too. I realise now how easy it is to manipulate the Bible to teach something different to what the plain Word of God shows.

Over the years, I have had some knocks and have prayed for help. Some of the things I have been through have been very difficult. If it was not for having faith in Christ and seeing God at work in my life, I am sure I would not be his disciple now, and again attending the evangelical church. I owe him so much. I know I am not perfect, but I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. I want to continue throughout my life to serve him and try my best to do what is right in his eyes.

Anne-Michelle Nova

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