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Missionary Spotlight-Sickness and street children

December 2003 | by Doug Nichols

There are an estimated 160 million street children in the world – 1 million in the Philippines, 40 million throughout Latin America (8,000 on the streets of Bogotá, Colombia).

Who takes care of them when they are ill?

When we are sick, we have people to look after us, a bed to sleep in, blankets to keep us warm, clean water to drink, and hot chicken noodle soup to speed our recovery!

But where do the street children, and the 13 million AIDS orphans in Africa, go for comfort and care? Where do they get medicine and clean water? Where do they sleep?

May I encourage you to pray regularly for the needy children of the world? And then do something practical – support those churches, missionary societies and other agencies that combine care for people’s bodies with compassion for their souls.


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