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World Mission – Reaching street children

October 2010 | by Doug Nichols

Reaching street children


ACTION is making a special effort in its ministry of the gospel and of compassionate care, during 2010 and 2011, to street children. The following are seven points of emphasis for its ministry:


1. Make direct contacts with street children, using teams of three or more street missionaries (never working alone). Men are to work with street boys; women with street girls. Counselling is always to be done in twos; and teams on the street to work in teams of at least three.


2. Work with and train churches to put teams reaching street children on the street, and develop ministries to street children.


3. Work simultaneously with specific outreach ministries to street children, such as ministry centres, camps, feeding ministries, medical and jail ministries, sports fests and so on, while developing and maintaining street children ministries in local churches.


4. Develop ministries of follow up, discipleship and vocational training, and long-range care (with local churches and evangelical networks), while still emphasising direct contact on the street with children.


5. Develop ministries with churches to keep children off the street (ministries to families of the poor), discipleship and volunteer training programmes.


6. Develop a network of churches/agencies/ministries to take a street child from the street for long-range care and discipleship. Develop outreach to ‘all’ street children locally, throughout a country and worldwide.


7. Emphasise the recruitment of missionaries to street children (and local Christian workers) in fellowship with local churches by recruiting as many couples, singles and younger missionaries as possible. Couples can work on the street and also be mentors to younger missionaries.


Is God calling you to help meet this worldwide need?


Doug Nichols

[email protected]

P O Box 144, Wallasey, CH44 5WE, UK



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