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J C Ryle

March 2018 | by Andrew Rowell


June 2000

John Charles Ryle

From his earliest years John Charles Ryle seemed destined for great things. Born in Macclesfield in 1816, the son of a wealthy banker, he later excelled at Eton College and at Oxford University, where he gained a first class degree. His mind was set on a career in politics, but God had greater plans…

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May 2016

Why were our Reformers burned?

May 2016 is 200 years since the birth of J. C. Ryle, a staunch Anglican evangelical, whose writings have been greatly used by God. This extract is taken from a much longer lecture given in 1867, on the courageous stand of the Protestant martyrs under Queen Mary I (1553-58). Why were our Reformers burned?…

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August 2017

Bishop J C Ryle’s Autobiography

It may appear strange that the Banner of Truth Trust should so soon follow up their publication of Iain Murray’s biography of Ryle, Prepared to stand alone, with Ryle’s own Autobiography. The two works are, however, complementary. Whereas Iain Murray covers the whole of Ryle’s long life, the Autobiography ends with the death of…

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November 2016

Prepared to Stand Alone – J C Ryle

Readers of J. C. Ryle’s Expository thoughts on the Gospels and other classics may feel well acquainted already with the author. But while Ryle’s character is clear from his writings, personal anecdotes and experiences are almost entirely absent. Iain Murray has done the church a service by bringing to life the man behind the books. Ryle…

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February 2013

Travel with Bishop J C Ryle

This is a most worthy addition to the admirable series of travel guides published by Day One. The author Alan Munden, an Anglican minister, has packed an amazing amount of detailed information into such a small book. The size of the print may give older readers some eye strain, but that is inevitable in…

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January 2018

Steps Towards Heaven

What a joy this is to read! It is an edited series of what were originally tracts. It is easy to understand, well written and sound in its doctrine of salvation. The book opens with a chapter on sin, explaining why and how we are all sinners. Readers are exhorted to examine themselves to…

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November 2016

Light from Old Times

Some years ago, a friend visited the parish church in Childwall, Liverpool, in order to see the grave of Bishop Ryle, Liverpool’s first bishop. Having some difficulty in finding it, he sought the vicar’s help. Not only did the vicar not know its whereabouts, he had never even heard of Ryle! Such lamentable ignorance…

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