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New Christian fiction publisher is launched for young readers

May 2021 | by John Tredgett

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Reformation Lightning, a new micro publisher dedicated to creative Christian writing for young readers, launched in March.

Founder Jonathan Pountney told ET, ‘Children’s and Young Adult fiction is hugely popular in the secular world. Walk into any high-street bookshop and you’ll see shelves dedicated to the genre.

‘We are missing something similar in the Christian trade space. Children absorb so much of the world around them – why not let them absorb fictional worlds created from a biblical worldview and with a Christ-centred framework?’

Pountney, who holds a PhD in Literature and previously taught at the University of Manchester, continued, ‘Ref Light’s focus is on biblical fidelity and creative quality. Our books will make sense of God’s creation to a young reader, and they will do it in a way that reflects God’s gift of creativity.’

Reformation Lightning’s first release will be a series of short story books by veteran preacher Geoff Thomas.

The first book, The Legendary Casey Jones and Other American Folktales, was released in March.

The book has been widely endorsed. Pountney says, ‘I see in Geoff’s writing a timelessness that is found in the best fiction.’

Alun Ebenezer, Headmaster of Fulham Boys School, also enthused about the new publisher: ‘As a dad of a sixteen-year-old, I wish these books had been available years ago. They are interesting, funny and above all point kids to the Lord Jesus Christ.’

Reformation Lightning is distributed by DayOne in the UK and Grace Books in the US.