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Obituary: Revd Dr Peter Golding (1933–2020)

October 2020 | by Solomon Trimble

Revd Dr Peter Golding
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Peter was raised in a Christian household and the eldest of three siblings. He was evacuated during World War 2 but returned to London and worked at the Harrods Depository by the River Thames.

He attended Westminster Chapel and sat under the ministry of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Peter saw Dr Lloyd-Jones as his mentor in the ministry and in the faith. A new momentum and energy galvanised Peter’s Christian faith, leading him to pursue a call to the ministry and to study at London Bible College.

At Westminster Chapel Peter also met Hilary who later became his wife and mother of his three children: Rachel, Liz, and Paul.

After theological training, Peter pastored Hayes Town Chapel in Middlesex for 32 years. Along with his expository, Christ-centred preaching and careful pastoring of his congregation, Peter also found time to write. His work, Covenant Theology remains a monumental study and is used as a textbook in theological seminaries today.

His other major work is Why Does Being a Christian Have to Be So Hard?, a careful exposition of Hebrews 12.

Retiring to North Somerset, Peter and Hilary’s latter days witnessed many visits from their ten grandchildren. Despite great physical affliction, they were loving grandparents and both remained committed to the faith until the end.

After the death of Hilary in September 2019, Peter was moved to a care home where he was a joy to all those who looked after him until his passing in April.

Lloyd-Jones wrote these words to Peter in 1966: ‘May God continue to bless you and to manifest himself to you. Do not be discouraged. Better times are coming. Let us stand together and work and pray until “the glorious morning dawns.”’

Solomon Trimble

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