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Wessex TBS Annual General Meeting

May 2020

(L-R) Pastor GD Buss, Rev Dafydd Morris & Rev Malcolm Watts
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In January the Wessex auxiliary of the Trinitarian Bible Society held its AGM in Calne, Wiltshire. A good number had gathered from both Wiltshire and the surrounding counties.

Encouraging reports were given of the Lord’s work among schools, prisons, care homes, and the military through the distribution of Bibles, New Testaments, and other items of Scripture.

A moving letter was read from a prisoner who had been drawn afresh to the Saviour through the reading of the Beatitudes in a TBS diary.

We also heard of work among some Iranians at an Immigration Removal Centre. They had recently entered the UK and requested, through the chaplain, Bibles in their own language.

This was a remarkable providence as the TBS had only just concluded work on the Persian New Testament and were able to meet their request.

1,750 Bibles had also been distributed among some 35 different schools. These were for use in assemblies and lessons or as gifts for school leavers.

As well as these encouragements there were reports of doors being closed to Bible distribution in schools, a case in the Cotswolds being highlighted.

A report was also given on the work of the Society more widely in the UK and overseas, particularly with regard to translation projects coming to fruition in several languages.

There was also encouraging news and progress concerning the Society’s Strategic Review and the establishment or enlargement of five TBS auxiliaries in England and Scotland.

Revd Dafydd Morris, one of the Society’s deputation speakers, preached a heart-warming sermon from John 12:21. ‘Sir, we would see Jesus.’

He said that the biblical aim of the Society is ‘The Word of God among all nations’. He said it is miraculous that any seek the Lord at all, for left to ourselves we would see ‘no beauty that we should desire him’ (Isaiah 53:2).

Revd Morris said that one of our greatest struggles today is with merely outward formality, lacking the experience of the ‘bands of love’ (Hosea 11:4) which draw us to the Saviour.

This is heart religion. Natural religion won’t do. We can’t come to Christ through our own will, our flesh being dead in sin, but God’s irresistible grace alone draws us to the Saviour.

The Chairman of the Society Mr G. D. Buss closed the meeting with prayer, after which refreshments were served.

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