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Missionary Spotlight – AIM and AEF

May 2002 | by John Brown

The gospel was first preached in Namibia in the first half of the nineteenth century, when a strong Evangelicalism emerged.


However, the influence of liberal theology gradually led to a weakening of the churches, and large numbers of professing Christians mixed their beliefs with ancestor worship. But the Dutch Reformed Church remained evangelical in doctrine.

The Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) sent missionaries to Namibia in the late 1960s. In 1986 the Africa Inland Mission (AIM) joined with AEF to form a larger team that currently works in the capital, Windhoek, and among the Herero, Hambukushu and Lozi people groups.

There is also a significant AIM/AEF work among the Luchazi-speaking people of the Kavango region, who are originally from Angola.

Two Bible colleges have been formed, one in Windhoek giving a four-year course to diploma level, and a lower level college near Rundu, in the north.

A group of enthusiastic young Christians, mostly converted through AEF/AIM’s work in schools and university, have formed the Evangelical Bible Church in the former black township area of Windhoek.

There is scope for more pioneer work, youth and children’s ministries, and for more Bible teaching in this country

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