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MISSIONARY SPOTLIGHT – Committed to the truth

April 2006 | by John Reisinger

I recently had the privilege of travelling to Ghana to witness first-hand the labours and endeavours of our good Christian brothers and sisters in that land. Ghana is a West African country that is facing the same poverty of true religion that we are in the USA.

We are pitted against many of the same foes. The Muslim population is on the increase in that land as it is throughout the world, while Ghana has multitudes following charlatans that promise health, wealth and success.

As one drives through the city, the most prominent religious institutions are the mosques and the many massive buildings of the ‘prosperity gospel’. Yet nestled within the enclaves of the dusty streets and masses of humanity, there are churches that are struggling to proclaim the doctrine of God’s good grace.




There remains in Ghana a small but faithful remnant of saints who are labouring to build a refuge for the masses. That refuge is not found within the confines of strict discipline and legalism, nor in the promise of earthly success and peace, but is being built upon the solid truth of Scripture.

It will cheer the heart of each reader to know that in Ghana today there are labouring saints who, by God’s sheer grace, have not yielded themselves to the easy ways of this life, but are teaching, heralding and championing the doctrines of grace.

This steadfastness, patience, longsuffering and charity is alive and well in Ghana. I had the opportunity of preaching the gospel of grace in two churches and meeting several pastors in that land, and am pleased to tell you that I have met men whose hearts are bound to Christ.

They are leading small congregations that are committed to the truth at any cost.

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