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Făclia Publishing House publishing good Christian books in Oradea, Romania

July 2017

Let me tell you my story:

I was born into a loving evangelical Christian family in a harshly communist country that suffered for so long under the cruel dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.

But, in our town of Oradea in Romania, we had the privilege of attending a fine gospel preaching church, Emanuel Baptist Church, and I came to know Christ as my personal Saviour when I was 15 years old. After school, I was employed as a technician in a tool factory in Oradea.

Our church ran a theological course to train a new generation of preachers. It was called ‘The school of the prophets’ and was dangerously unofficial as far as the state authorities were concerned. In my early twenties, after I had finished work, five nights a week I attended a class of young men there for a course of solid Bible teaching.

In 1987-1988 our church received some parcels of books from the Banner of Truth Trust in the UK. There were commentaries by William Hendriksen and sermons on Romans and Ephesians by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. As I was one of the few who had some English, I was given a couple of boxes.

I was so delighted. What treasures! Those books helped to improve my English and they were an immense blessing spiritually. It was then that I first had a thought that would stay with me. There in communist Romania I pledged to myself that one day I would translate these books into Romanian, even though I could lose my liberty if I was caught doing so.

Soon afterwards, Ceausescu’s tyrannical regime fell and communism collapsed and, thank God, that fear was gone for good. In 1992, while studying in England, I began to translate Christian books into Romanian.

I began with Douglas MacMillan on Psalm 23 and John Murray’s Redemption accomplished and applied. Then I launched into Lloyd-Jones on Romans. In 1996 I established Faclia Publishing House in Oradea, which, along with my preaching and teaching ministry, I continue to manage.

So far we have produced over 200 titles. We have reached Romans 12 and I hope that we will complete the whole series of Romans and Ephesians before I reach 60 in 2023!

Let me tell you a little about my country:

After the collapse of the communist regime in December 1989, there was an atmosphere of excitement and hope for a better future in Romania. At the same time, this was mixed with much uncertainty, even fear of what the future might bring.

The sudden freedom that came to our evangelical churches immediately led to an upsurge in evangelistic activity. Many people were no longer afraid to come to church and the powerful preaching of the gospel brought many to faith in Christ.

Alongside that, came the opportunity to open Christian schools for children, from nursery to high school. The underground ‘school of the prophets’ of Emanuel Church in Oradea eventually became a theological institute for the greatly needed training of pastors. This soon developed into a Christian university.

So, when I returned to my country I was free to establish Faclia Publishing House. There was a great vacuum of theological books written by committed conservative evangelical scholars and it has been our privilege to fill some of that void.

We now enjoy great freedom to spread the gospel and strengthen the churches. But, as everywhere in our broken world there are huge obstacles to overcome as we seek to advance the cause of Christ.

There is still tremendous pressure on our Romanian people to be affiliated to the Orthodox Church. Culturally, you need to be Orthodox to be a good Romanian. The Orthodox Church, with its mixture of ritualism and superstition, is utterly opposed to all evangelical efforts to share the gospel. Orthodox priests lead the opposition to our evangelical churches. They tell the people that we are proselytisers and accuse us of sheep-stealing.

And, sad to say, our free society is devastated by problems common to many parts of Europe: high divorce and abortion rates, alcoholism, drugs, prostitution and pornography. There is a high level of poverty. There are many orphans and many homeless folk. Unemployment continues to be high and the economy fragile. And many Romanians, among them evangelical believers, have emigrated to different parts of the world in search of better jobs. How my country needs the good news of Christ!

Now let me tell you about our publishing ministry:

Faclia Publishing House is an independent evangelical publisher and bookseller, based in Oradea in western Romania. We make it our aim to glorify God by ensuring that the church of Christ is continually nourished through the best Christian literature.

Our books are all written by conservative evangelical authors. They cover a wide range of subjects: Old and New Testament studies, systematic and biblical theology, homiletics, hermeneutics, church history, ethics, apologetics and commentaries.

Whilst we have mainly concentrated on books to help pastors and church leaders, we also publish devotional readings for Christians in general. At the moment we are producing Thoughts on the Gospels by J. C. Ryle. There are books for children, too.

Faclia has translated books from well-known publishing houses based in the UK, such as Banner of Truth, Christian Focus, Day One, Evangelical Press, Grace Baptist Publishing and IVP. It has a working relationship with publishing houses based in the USA such as Baker, Crossway, IVP, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing and Zondervan.

To translate books, articles and other materials from English into Romanian, we use competent translators, linguistic and theological editors, and proof-readers. All have a degree in theology or languages. We also enjoy a partnership with Emanuel University in Oradea. We occasionally publish theological books for this Christian university.

We are committed to promoting our literature throughout Romania itself, in the Republic of Moldova, and among the Romanian diaspora of Western Europe. To make our books and materials more easily accessible to Romanians working abroad, we now have an online library. This enables people to read our books in electronic format. We are also creating a mobile application so that they can read offline, and they will be able to listen to our audio materials — sermons and articles on various topics that will help strengthen their spiritual lives.

So, let me tell you how you might be able to help:

Please pray for us that we may continue to know the Lord’s help and guidance in choosing the best books for translation. Translating and publishing books costs a lot of money. We could not continue our work without substantial help from Christians in other countries and there is so much more we would like to do.

Dinu Moga ThM, PhD

Founder and general manager, Faclia Publishing House (; [email protected]

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