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Meet two of the students!

March 2014


I was born in Busia, Kenya. I have an older sister and two older brothers. I did all my schooling in Kenya. My father is a civil engineer and my mother a teacher. At school, I passed my exams and gained first prize in music at the National Music Festival.

I always knew about God, but did not know him personally. As children, we were taken to Sunday school. We were given Gideon Bibles to read, but I found mine hard to understand and gave up reading it.

As I grew up, my mother introduced our family to a form of Bible Study where we read the Bible for about ten minutes then shared ideas about what we had learnt. It helped us become a more close-knit family.

My behaviour needed a lot of improvement. One of my earliest sins was stealing the money given to me by parents for the church offering and using it to buy roadside mangoes. Although I went to university, I was empty and lonely. I had a bad temper and was arrogant and self-centred. I ended up failing my first degree (pharmacy).


In university, I became desperate in my loneliness, thought it fashionable to go to discos, and even made fun of people who went to Bible studies. Although I did not take drugs or alcohol, I knew I needed help.

One night, I knew I had to find someone to tell me what life was all about. I poured out my heart to two Christian friends. After a lengthy conversation, we agreed that I needed a heart knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.

I prayed to God, confessing and repenting of all my sins. Then one of these friends concluded the prayer and I felt God’s peace overwhelm me! It was so humbling. She told me to keep praying and reading my Bible, and I went on my way praising God.

Now I am studying at ABU. It has not been easy to come back to school after so many years of not studying, so I decided to complete my degree over five years. I am yet to decide whether to do Business, Communication or Education, but I pray God will guide me to which of the three he wants me to do.

I have always loved to teach, especially children. Since God has given me a gift in music, I’m planning to start teaching music seriously. I want to separate singing praise songs from commercial songs, or rather singing songs just to make money. I want to give God glory, through the talents he has given me.


I am from eastern Uganda and my home district is Soroti. I have two brothers. The death of our parents left us with our grandmother, who introduced us to a Catholic church she attended.

After my first time there, I asked my grandmother a lot of questions, like, ‘Why have they nailed this man on the cross?’

I asked her, ‘Who is God?’, and she told me, ‘He is the Creator of heaven and the earth’. That led me to ask, ‘Where is God?’ She answered, ‘He is in heaven’, and pointed to heaven. ‘Why did he allow his Son to be crucified?’ She answered, ‘Stop asking questions!’

It was a time in my life when I truly needed love. So I began searching and longing for meaning and purpose in life. Then I noticed a difference in the lives of some of my young schoolfriends. That difference was Jesus; Jesus had made a change in their lives. I began to see in them what I wanted and needed.

I came to Christian faith at the age of six, after one of them told me how to become a Christian and prayed with me. I very simply turned from my old way of life and invited Jesus Christ to come and live in me. And in a very real way, I knew that God had come to live in me.


Straightaway, I was filled with joy and happiness. I joined a Sunday school class. At that time, Christians in our village gathered together every evening to make music to the Lord. I joined them and saw the love for God in my life increase rapidly. My heart was now in the church.

One of the early things I prayed to God was that, if he could provide for my needs, I would tell of his goodness to other children like I used to be, lost and lonely.

I cannot say every day since then has been wonderful and that I’ve been perfect, but in Christ I continue to grow and Jesus Christ has always been faithful, guiding and blessing me.

I first heard about ABU in 2009, from my brother who attended a conference where Dr O. Palmer Robertson was teaching on the topic of covenants. I asked God to take me to ABU.

My goals here are to learn and apply the truth to my life and to communicate it to others, preaching God’s Word. I have set my heart on presenting the fatherhood of God to the fatherless, and conducting discipleship programmes wherever God calls me. One day I hope to pursue a master’s degree in theology.

All this looks impossible, yet since my arrival at ABU God has done great things in my life and in the lives of my fellow first-year students. My prayer is that he uses me for the glory of his name.





















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