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Northern Sudanese also belong to Christ!

June 1999

‘N’ and ‘A’ grew up in a well-to-do Muslim family in the Khartoum area. They are the only son and daughter of their parents. ‘N’ is twenty-four years old. Her brother ‘A’ is twenty-one. They have always been close. One day, about six years ago, ‘N’ heard a gospel message over the airwaves. She became curious about what she had heard. She decided to keep listening week after week. Then she made up her mind that she must find a copy of the Christian holy book (the Bible).

The gardener

She talked to her brother about the gospel broadcasts. He decided to listen to them too. Several weeks later he told his sister that he had seen a southern Sudanese gardener in the neighbourhood reading the Arabic Bible. They agreed that ‘A’ would approach the man and ask him where they could purchase a copy of that book. The gardener offered him his and refused to take the money.

‘A’ kept going to the gardener with their questions. The gardener eventually advised them to seek the help of a more knowledgeable Christian person. They agreed, and ended up in a small group Bible study. Their parents found out. Their religious mother was extremely upset. The father was more understanding.

They received counsel from their Bible teacher to avoid saying or doing things that unnecessarily threatened their mother’s religious convictions or feelings. Eventually, they arrived at an understanding with their parents, which allowed them the freedom to be baptised in a private meeting and join a local evangelical congregation. ‘N’ was married to another Sudanese Muslim convert last year.

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