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Exciting progress in PNG

September 2006 | by Graham Castle

Missionaries Bob and George Walker and Jack Housley hiked in to visit the Bisorio people of Papua New Guinea, 24 years to the day they first presented the gospel to them in 1982.

Today New Tribes Mission no longer has missionaries working among the Bisorios. The work was completed in 2000. The Bisorios express thankfulness that the missionaries came to them, but they know that the ministry is now committed to them.

Bob remembers Maile’s prayer the day that missionaries left in 2000: ‘Papa God, it is time for the missionaries to leave and we are thankful that as they leave they are not taking the Spirit of God away with them, but He is remaining here with us as well.

‘When they first came, we did not know that you were our Creator. Now we not only know you as Creator but as Redeemer as well.

‘So with the same power that you used to create the world and with the same power that you used to raise Jesus from the dead, help us to shepherd our people and strengthen us to be faithful in sharing with those who have never heard’.

Bob was excited to see their spiritual growth since then. Their focus has been on reaching their own people scattered throughout the hills, as well as those in related groups.

The Bisorios have had the New Testament since 1991 and are devouring the Word. ‘Their knowledge, insights, and use of the Word were humbling as they referred to verses and quoted the Scriptures freely,’ said Bob.

‘The Word of God has transformed their lives. Each day the leaders taught from the Word morning and evening. After the evening session they went from house to house encouraging the believers more from the Word’.

Praise God that Maile’s prayer has been answered.

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