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Pastor Training International (PTI) 10th anniversary

August 2014 | by Jeremy Marshall

This year marks the 10th anniversary of PTI and we are, in the first place, grateful — grateful to all our supporters, but most of all to God for all he has done. The Lord has a plan for the next ten years and our task is to understand what it is and do our best to implement it.

We in PTI feel strongly that our mission is to help disadvantaged pastors in poorer countries become better pastors. This means we need to understand our brothers’ needs and seek, as best we can, to serve them. They must tell us what they want — they have little or nothing — we have (comparatively speaking) resources in abundance.

The most obvious way to do this is to hold more Bible-teaching conferences in more countries. We run a standard three-year programme, which will remain. But, in other places, as in Madagascar, we assist by providing a component of an in-country training course.

Had we more money and more helpers, we could do many more conferences in many more locations. We could also provide more good Christian books and mentor many more pastors. God willing, PTI will continue to go to places less reached by other organisations such as Langham Partnership.

What do I see changing over the next ten years? More cooperation with other like-minded evangelical organisations training pastors. There are more and more brothers and sisters engaged in the Lord’s work here; we need to complement each other.

Secondly, much more use of technology. E-books could revolutionise training, both in terms of efficiency and reaching countries closed to formal training. While in the poorer African countries this has not been possible, the pace of change in those countries is enormous.

Finally, we wish to find more local evangelical leaders to whom we can, over time, hand over the work, freeing us for other areas of the world needing more ‘pioneer’ activity.

Please pray for us, that we may remember the words of the Lord, ‘Unto those whom much is given, much shall be required’ and, ‘Feed my sheep’ — or, in our case, feed the under-shepherds of the Great Shepherd.

Jeremy Marshall

Chairman, PTI



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