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YOUTH FEATURE: Dores Youth Conference Spring 2018

July 2018 | by Matthew Keddie

The Dores Youth Conference was held on 24 March. It was well attended, with 19 young people from many parts of Scotland, including Lewis, Skye and Inverness.

As we arrived in dribs and drabs, there were snacks available for the hungry travellers. Rev. Davide Ratti opened with a short time of worship. After worship, Rev. Kenneth Macdonald began the morning talk on the theme ‘Running the race’, taking his text from Hebrews 12:1-2, ‘let us run with patience the race that is set before us’.

The two main points from the morning talk were Preparation and Patience. We learned that we must be ready to lay aside things that will hinder us in the race, and be patient, persevering right up to the end.

Following the talk, we split up into several groups and discussed a few thought-provoking questions related to the morning topics, such as ‘What kind of things should a person have to “lay aside” if they begin to seek the Lord or if they are Christians?’ and ‘Why do you think some people start out well but do not continue?’

After the morning session we were all treated to a delicious lunch, thanks to Miss Joan Mackintosh and her mother. After lunch we headed down to the nearby pebble beach on the shores of Loch Ness, for a walk together.

Running the race

On returning to the church, Rev. Kenneth Macdonald started the second half of the conference with another two main points, Track and Spectators.

We learned that Christians must stay within the lines of the race track, with the Bible as our guide. We also learned about the spectators who have already run the race, who are ‘looking on’, as it were. Personally, this was a real encouragement to me.

Once more, we divided up into the same discussion groups to ponder challenging questions related to the afternoon talk. These included, ‘Should we expect the same standard from everyone who claims to be on the narrow way, albeit in different places and different circumstances?’ and ‘How do thoughts about the spectators keep you from sinning more than you do?’

To bring the conference to a close, we regathered and had a feedback session from the discussions, after which we sang a psalm and closed in prayer. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Roberts, Rev. Davide Ratti, and Rev. Kenneth Macdonald for making the conference such an encouraging occasion.

Matthew Keddie (15)

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