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By Stan K. Evers
August 2012 | Review by Stanley Jebb


The Bible overflows with benedictions (prayers for God’s blessing) and doxologies (expressions of praise) yet preachers often use only a few in worship. Too often the benediction is seen as signal that the service has finished. A study of the NT benedictions should deeper our worship and make us long for heaven, where we will adore God for ever, with sinless souls and glorified bodies.

  • Publisher: Day One Publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-84625-311-9
  • Pages: 192
  • Price: 8.00
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Book Review


Exploring and enjoying the New Testament benedictions

Stan K Evers

Day One, 181 pages, £8


This is a rich little book.  In twenty-eight chapters the author takes each of the benedictions and doxologies in the New Testament and provides a heart-warming and stimulating exposition of each.  Helpful quotations from other writers are included, and full references are given at the end of each chapter.

For most Christians the benedictions provide the buffers at the end of the journey through the service, and rarely is much attention paid to them.  Even ministers have been observed to be gathering up their notes while pronouncing the benediction!  Stan Evers rescues us from that abuse of the Scripture by expounding these short texts in an illuminating and inspiring way.

Since the benedictions are mostly very short it might seem that there is not much grist for the expository mill, but this is not so.  The author shows how rich these gems are. Moreover, he does not limit himself to the actual words of the doxologies and benedictions, but uses them as a springboard to reach other passages.  For example, in the final chapter dealing with Revelation 22:20-21, he deals with the names and titles of Christ in that chapter, and the Second Coming of Christ and how to prepare for it, virtually expounding the whole chapter.

This book, being very readable, is ideal for personal devotions or family worship.  It could also be the basis for a series in a Bible Study group.  Some preachers might find it very suggestive for a series of sermons.  In fact there must be few Christians who would not benefit from these expositions.

If some readers find it difficult to praise the Lord in prayer, this doctrinally sound, spiritually uplifting book will show them how.  If you are tempted to ‘switch off’ during the benediction at the end of a service, Stan Evers may help you to think more deeply about what is being said.  Perhaps ministers could be encouraged to use more of the benedictions in the New Testament instead of being limited to just a few well-known ones.  Four stars.

Stanley Jebb

Cumnock, Ayrshire

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