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Is Genesis history?

By Thomas Purifoy
May 2017 | Review by Roy Mohon
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This DVD explores the scientific evidence advocated by evolutionists and shows that it is more consistent with the Creation-Fall-Flood paradigm. The film proceeds by way of interviews with scholars from different scientific and linguistic disciplines, including, among others, Hebrew, geology, microbiology, astronomy and archaeology. The film concludes with a pastor’s perspective.

The interviews take place in various places, with stunning views of the Grand Canyon and other locations. At the time of my viewing the film, two secular news features overlapped a couple of the points raised in the film. There was coverage of ‘Earth’s eighth continent’ beneath New Zealand, at a depth of 1000 metres, composed of ancient granite, etc. This matched well with the film’s theme of global Flood and continental change.

Research into microbes in Mexican gypsum unrelated to anything known in genetic databases also featured in the news. This echoed Kevin Anderson’s research into finds of tissue with cells that indicate much shorter timescales than millions of years. It makes one wonder how soon secular researchers will find themselves proving the main arguments of the science in the film, which is an exciting thought!

I was pleased to see the film’s excursion into evidences for an Eridu-Babel dispersion, because I spent some time researching archaeological support for a Paradise-Fall-Flood paradigm, leading to a dispersion of an apostasy with tower technology. This was written up in a popular style in my book Cosmic war survival.

I think that most who see the film will find it encouraging, and one would hope that many young people will take the opportunity to watch it.

Roy Mohon


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