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Turning the Tide: Reclaiming Religious Freedom in the UK

By Roy Mohon
July 2018 | Review by Roy Mohon
  • Publisher: Isaac Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0-9977033-5-1
  • Pages: 48
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Book Review

This is a booklet that every Christian ought to make an hour or so to read. It distils so much of what is vital to the preservation of Christianity in our nation today and will save many hours of research on the historical background, recent cases and constitutional issues.

Its purpose is stated: ‘This booklet has been written to explain the reason why Barnabas Fund is seeking a new Act of Parliament in the UK to guarantee seven fundamental aspects of freedom of religion. These seven freedoms have developed in the UK by various mechanisms over the last five centuries but are now under threat’.

Do not be put off by some of the headings and the legal, historical and constitutional focus. This is a readable booklet that wastes no words. The time spent reading will be amply rewarded by a better understanding of how critical a time this is for Christians and churches.

The short chapters provide valuable insights into why particular legal cases affecting Christian businesses, students and others are so important for us all and our children. The booklet is well referenced throughout. The contents are as follows:

Introduction. Why this booklet has been written

Chapter 1: From freedom to chains — and back again? Recommendations for action by Church and Parliament to restore religious liberty.

Chapter 2: The rise of Christianophobia: how freedom of religion is being undermined. Seven case studies of Christianophobia in the UK.

Chapter 3: Why has this happened?

Chapter 4: How freedom of religion developed in the UK and spread around the world. Seven foundational freedoms of religion.

There may be readers of this review who are opposed to any involvement in political action, but they will still benefit from reading the booklet in understanding the times in which we live.

There will be not a few readers like myself who would want more clarification on the church-state relationship implied, but that does not lessen the value of reading what has been produced. If you care about your children and grandchildren, it will not cost you a penny to access and read this important summation of much that has been unfolding before our eyes, that is indeed a cause for alarm.

Roy Mohon


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