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Let’s Study – James

December 2019 | Review by Matthew Cox
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth
  • ISBN: 978-1-84871-846-3
  • Pages: 142
  • Price: 7.50
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Book Review

The letter of James is frequently commended as a ‘practical’ book. But in this devotional commentary, Sinclair Ferguson is out to prove that its wise guidance is drawn from a weighty theology.

The link between beliefs and behaviour is demonstrated ably in his treatment of James 2:14-26. Here Ferguson unpicks the difficult wording by presenting the passage as a conversation between two people with different types of faith — only one of which is real, saving faith.

Another strength is his ability to trace continuity through a letter which can appear disjointed at first glance. For example, the exhortation to seek wisdom (James 1:5-7) is shown to be directed particularly to Christians who are facing trials (1:2-4) — which can include both poverty and wealth (1:8-12).

The pages brim with illustrations and metaphors — like the weightlifter standing steadfast under the strain; the hypocrite’s mask being torn off by the Word of God; and the ‘spiritual bad breath’ (p.33) of an angry Christian. These vivid word-pictures will help readers recall the main thrust long after the printed words have faded from memory.

Let’s Study James will help believers to grow in knowledge; knowledge which is theological and yes, practical too.

Matthew Cox

Bethersden, Kent

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