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Final Word: Why We Need the Bible

By John MacArthur
July 2020 | Review by Miska Wilhelmsson
  • Publisher: Reformation Trust Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-64289-126-3
  • Pages: 136
  • Price: £11.99
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Book Review

If a book can lead you to The Book, then surely it is a book worth reading! Final Word seeks to do just that, teaching the reader about why we need the Bible, and therefore leading them back to the Word of God itself. In a day and age where we are constantly bombarded with different distractions, this presents a much-needed message to get back to basics, back to the God-given Scriptures.

MacArthur begins by focusing on the original deception in Genesis 3, where we see Satan’s ancient strategy to deceive people into rejecting the truthfulness of God’s Word. The subtle deception of the first question recorded in Scripture — ‘Has God really said? — has been with us since the very beginning and continues to the present day.

While the first chapter gives an overview of the different attacks against the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Bible, the rest of the book presents a fivefold emphasis on the nature and necessity of the Bible. Chapters two and three focus on the nature of the Bible as the word of truth and final authority; whereas the remaining three chapters focus on the importance that the Bible plays as the catalyst for spiritual growth, the central aspect of a faithful ministry, and the necessary food for our soul.

This book is concise, clearly written, and yet sufficiently comprehensive. It could be used as a good introductory book for new believers in teaching them why the Bible is so important, or read by more mature believers as a refreshing reminder of the preciousness of God’s Word.

Miska Wilhelmsson

Tampere, Finland

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