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The Magnificent Magnificat

By Timothy Cross
December 2010 | Review by Sarah Woollin


A lyrical and exuberant hymn of praise to God. In response to God's amazing dealings with Mary, she was compelled to utter His praise. The Magnificat, recorded in the Bible, the written word of God, is a divinely inspired aid to our worship. True worship however never happens in a vacuum. True worship is always the response of the redeemed to the divine initiative. For the Christian praise is a duty and a delight. Here is a hymn of praise which can be fittingly sung by God's people today, to the end of time, and for all eternity.

  • Publisher: Gospel Folio
  • ISBN: 978-1926765082
  • Pages: 69
  • Price: £5.99
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Book Review

Mary’s Magnificat, or song of praise, is found in Luke 1:46-55. Timothy Cross takes us through the song verse by verse.

When Mary visits Elizabeth before Jesus is born, she speaks these words that reveal both her humility and devotion for God. This book is best read as a study, with your Bible to hand so that you can look up all the verses.

It contains some helpful comments that point us to Christ, and the author exhorts us to learn from the way that Mary worships God.

The book is interspersed with such hymns as ‘Eternal light’ and ‘Tell out my soul’, which help us see more of God’s greatness and power.

The author likes using alliteration, and it seems to work in the chapter headings. Overall, The magnificent Magnificat was a helpful study for a part of the Bible that I have not heard many preachers focus on.

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