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Psalm 119 For Life: Living Today in the Light of the Word

By Hywel R. Jones
April 2010 | Review by Richard Turner


Living today in the Light of the Word. The message of this psalm is therefore one of pressing relevance and every Christian should give it serious and regular attention. The truths and convictions which formed the mind-set of the psalmist, as he looked upward to the Lord and forward to the coming of the Messiah, should characterize every Christian as he or she looks back to the first coming of Jesus Christ and forward to his return.

  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • ISBN: 978-0852347034
  • Pages: 160
  • Price: £5.18
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Book Review

Here we have the essence of Psalm 119 distilled into 156 pages and applied to the Christian life. The book began as a series of devotional addresses given by the author to students at Westminster Seminary, California.

It bears all the hallmarks of a man of the Word, delighting in this psalm that exalts God’s Word and wanting to share his experience with others. What can be more important than that for 21st century believers? As Dr Jones says: ‘As at creation his word produced his image, so in re-creation his word restores it’.

The first chapter gives us a helpful introduction to the psalm, in which its language, form, authorship and placement within the Psalter are considered. The following chapters, each about 5-6 pages in length, consider each stanza of the psalm in sequence.

In each chapter the author endeavours to understand the psalmist’s thoughts which gave rise to that stanza, and how the Word of God applies to the psalmist’s situation. This application gives a refreshing note of realism.

For instance, we are reminded, he ‘has not been building up a picture of sunlight without shadows and sweetness without bitterness in what he has written’. This helpfully reminds us of the sufficiency of God’s Word for every situation the believer may face.

It may not be a lengthy read, but there is much truth condensed in this book’s pages. Those with a good background knowledge of the Bible will profit most, but careful study will reward all. This is recommended to those who love the Word of God and desire to walk in its light.

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